5 Reasons you need Crambé Face Forward Abyssinian Facial Oil this Summer

We are not crazy when we tell you to reach for Crambé Face Forward Abyssinian facial oil in the hot, humid summer months. In fact, our oil helps keep your skin protected, hydrated, and looking its best even when the temperature starts to rise. Let's debunk five myths often associated with using face oil during the summer.


Myth 1: Adding oil to your face will only make it oilier.

You may think adding extra oil to your skin (especially in the summer) will only increase the oil that's already there, however, applying face oil actually helps reduce the over-production of your face’s natural oils (sebum) which can trigger breakouts. 


Myth 2: Your skin doesn’t get dry in the Summer

Sorry but your skin does get dry in the summer with increased sun exposure and dry air conditioning. These extreme temperature changes can leave your skin feeling like sandpaper.


Myth 3: I can skip a face oil and just use a moisturizer.

The increased summer humidity can hinder moisturizer absorption into the skin. A face oil absorbs not only easier but penetrates deeper into the dermis delivering more hydration.


Myth 4: SPF delivers all the hydration and skincare I need

SPF is an essential part of your year-round routine, however, it does not help with the delivery of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids which help combat the free radicals that we are often exposed to from sun exposure and air pollution.


Myth 5: Face oils feel greasy and heavy on the skin.

Not all face oils sit heavy on the skin. Crambé Face Forward Abyssinian oil is light and fast-absorbing, leaving your skin looking and feeling its best…even in the hot, humid months of summer.


Tip: - Apply Crambé Face Forward Rejuvenating Facial Oil right after you cleanse, but before you apply your SPF.