Hello, nice to meet you.

We’re Daniel, Benjamin, and Matt, co-founders of Crambé Skincare. We believe healthy skin belongs to everyone!


• We're all from Canada's East Coast (Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia) and have vast experience in the beauty/grooming and skincare world

 • Benjamin and Daniel have both worked as art directors at top fashion, beauty and style magazines

 • Matt has a startup background & works as a marketing & content manager

 • We’ve all worked with the best beauty editors, makeup artists, models, and photographers. We're pretty sure some of their style, knowledge (and maybe even on-set dancing skills) have rubbed off on us

 • Daniel has always been a bit obsessed with face oil and learned about Abyssinian oil when working on a magazine article. He thought, "Stop the presses! Abyssinian oil is being grown in Canada?" The rest, as they say, is history

 • We all fell in love with Abyssinian oil and now are passionate about its amazing skin care properties. Hello, antioxidants and omega fatty acids!