Will a face oil clog my pores?



Are you concerned that using a face oil might clog your pores? Fear not! Luckily we have a handy tool at our disposal called the Comedogenic Scale. Basically, the comedogenic scale is ranked by how likely it is that any specific ingredients, such as oils and butters used in cosmetic product formulation, will clog pores. Anyone who is susceptible to acne breakouts and blackheads should avoid highly-ranking comedogenic oils, as they are likely to cause recurring acne problems.

The scale uses a numbering system of 0 to 5. Here’s how the numbers rank on the scale:

0 - won’t clog pores at all

1 - very low likelihood of clogging pores

2 - moderately low likelihood

3 - moderate likelihood

4 - fairly high likelihood

5 - high likelihood of clogging pores

Non-comedogenic oils are oils that do not clog pores and have a comedogenic rating of 2 or less. And just about any oil with a rating of 5 pretty much guarantees that a person who is prone to acne breakouts will have one.

Drum roll please: Crambé Face Forward Rejuvenating Abyssinian Facial Oil has a RANKING OF 0! Meaning it is perfect for use on your skin and will not cause blockage of pores. So get your face oil on and start reaping the benefits of Abyssinian oil!