Real Talk from Real Mom's

With Mother’s day just around the corner, we wanted to check in with two of the coolest, most stylish mom’s we know. Juliette Lie Baxter and Tracey Ho Lung. Both co-founders of the popular mom blog
Both Tracey and Juliette have vast experience working at major women’s magazines—like Flare, FASHION and Chatelaine. On their blog, they present a well-curated point of view and interview real moms and discover what inspires them.

CRAMBE: You are both busy working moms with deeply rooted backgrounds in the beauty world. What made you start

LOVEMOM (LM): We both had our daughter's around the same time (that was NOT planned) and afterwards we had trouble finding something that we wanted to read — that spoke to us. At the time, we couldn't identify with the mom bloggers who wrote all about their children and whose biggest concern was what craft they were going to do that day, and magazines like Vogue and $5,000 pants no longer were of interest. Where were the stories about cool, stylish moms who still had to deal with careers, and balancing it all? There was really nothing out there, in magazines or online. No inspiration. No wisdom. Being in the fashion and beauty industry, we knew many stylish, working moms, and we realized that those were the stories we wanted to know about. Nobody was talking to them. That's when we decided that it was up to us to share their stories and create our own inspiration.

What are some of the ways the beauty/skincare industry has changed over the years and has it been for the better?
LM: The industry is still very exciting. Today, with this wave of organic and all-natural products coming into the market, it's changed the way larger brands create products — sometimes forcing them to think about using sustainable resources and being more environmentally conscious. It's a win-win. The only downside is that with more options, there is more information to wrap your head around.

Who is your beauty icon?
LM: Any French woman — Ines De La Fressange, Marion Cotillard...They have a laissez-faire attitude towards beauty which is exactly up our alley. And they're serious about their skincare.

My approach to beauty is…
LM: Keep it simple, but still make the effort.

How do you define beauty?
LM: It's all relative.

Best advice ever given to you?
LM: You need to be happy to do a good job.

C: What does the world need more of right now?
LM: Intelligence, acceptance and truth.

How do you best take care of yourself both physically, mentally and spiritually?
LM: We try to do something active once or twice a week, and make time for quiet: no kids, no husbands, no guilt.

What do you do to put your best face forward (find confidence)?
LM: Literally, great skin and lipstick. Great hair is a bonus.

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