Style and Beauty Expert Ingrie Williams

6 juin 2019

Ingrie Williams is the Beauty & Style Director at Best Health Magazine. It’s not unusual for Ingrie to be jetting off to Paris or New York to discover the latest trends in beauty and fashion or to be styling a celeb photoshoot (yes she styled Megan Markle for the magazine’s cover in 2016) We recently chatted with her to find out her thoughts on skincare, diversity and the best advice she has ever been given.

How did you get involved in the beauty and fashion industry and what is your favourite part

I was lucky to get an internship at Glow magazine when it first launched in the early 2000's. I was technically the Marketing Intern, but the team was small. That was a bonus because I was able to make myself available to the fashion and beauty editor and help out with everything that goes into style stories. The best part of my job is discovering amazing new products, talking to the experts (give me the science!) and creating stories that showcase both elements

What are some of the ways the beauty/skincare industry has changed over the years and has it been for the better?
Diversity is a trending topic and, obviously, I am here for it. Early 90s moments when WOC were announced as beauty ambassadors for major brands, such as Lana Ogilvie for CoverGirl, made such an impact on me because it was a recognition of an expanded version of beauty. A version I could see myself in. And I felt the same way in 2014 when Lupita Nyong'o was announced as a Lancôme ambassador. There's still plenty of work to be done, but seeing campaigns that include a multiplicity of skin tones, hearing about brands that carry 50 or 100 (!) shades of foundation or spotting more than one WOC on the cover of Vogue in a single year doesn't get old for me –and never will.

Who is your beauty icon?
Tracee Ellis Ross is my everything. Her incredible hair, her amazing skin, her joyous, goofy spirit, and, of course, the killer wardrobe. I love all of it. And I particularly appreciate that she's become a household name in her 40s.

My approach to beauty is…
A love of rituals. I enjoy taking time each night to do a double cleanse and mist my face before applying a luxurious face oil.

How do you define beauty?
The people and things that I find most beautiful tend to have a lightness and optimistic sense to them.

Best advice ever given to you?
'Choose your partner, not your path' is one phrase that has stuck with me. There are so many different ways to get wherever you want to go, but who you choose to travel with is the most important part.

What does the world need more of right now?
Kindness - it costs you nothing to be nice.

How do you best take care of yourself both physically, mentally and spiritually?
Hot yoga challenges me physically, but what I enjoy most is the inner reflection that comes with it. I value that quiet time to create focus, generate creativity and achieve relaxation.

What do you do to put your best face forward
I always feel good when I'm wearing a bold lip colour. It communicates a sense of confidence on my behalf.