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    Put A Little Spring In Your Prep!

    Put A Little Spring In Your Prep!


    Put A Little Spring In Your Prep!

    With Summer just around the corner, it’s finally that time of year to kick back, relax and be a tad more casual about things. Who isn’t ready for warm weather, longer days and perhaps a well-deserved holiday?  However, the one thing we don’t want to be is more casual with is our skincare routine.

    Summer (as much as we love it) brings us some unique skincare challenges and what better way to combat these problems than with facial oil. Facial oils are an essential part of your skin care regimen year-round!

    Here are five common Summer skincare problems that can be controlled by continued use of your Crambé Face Forward Rejuvenating Facial Oil.

    #1 Warmer weather can be sticky and humid so your skin might produce more oil. Old thinking would have you tuck away your facial oil until next winter. Actually, no! Applying a face oil is the new smart strategy to reduce excess natural oil production. Because the skin feels hydrated with the facial oil, it won't compensate by over-producing natural oil. This helps balance the skin during temperature fluctuations and humidity.

    #2 Summer has you spending more time outside, with more exposure to the sun. You, of course, will be using SPF. Help give your skin some added protection with a facial oil high in Omega-3 fatty acids (which work to repair the skin barrier) and antioxidants (that can help prevent and reverse free radical damage).

    #3 With warm weather comes air conditioning. A full day spent in a dry air-conditioned office, offset by a hot humid outside environment can wreak havoc on your skin. Protect yourself against such extreme temperature fluctuations with a facial oil to balance your skin's hydration and keep it looking a feeling its best.

    #4 Excess sun exposure can lead to dry and dehydrated skin. A light all-natural facial oil (rich in vitamins and minerals) will penetrate into the deeper levels of the dermis helping restore dry, tired looking skin.

    #5 Choose a light, high quality all-natural Abyssinian face oil like our Crambé Face Forward Rejuvenating Facial Oil which is full of vitamins, minerals and omega fatty acids. Plus, it absorbs quickly into the skin and is grown right here in Canada!

    Remember using a high-quality facial oil in warm weather is an easy and effective part of your summer skin care ritual. It will keep your skin looking refreshed, rehydrated, radiant – and is anything but greasy.

    The Greatest Love Of All!

    The Greatest Love Of All!

    The Greatest Love Of All!  

    It’s that time of year when love is in the air. Valentine’s Day with its red hearts, roses, chocolates and of course, we can’t forget about Cupid. It’s the time when we are constantly being reminded of love but even more so, about relationships. 

    Isn’t it time we started to celebrate the relationship we have with ourselves? Perhaps we need to acknowledge that we are our own BFF’s. As RuPaul say’s “If you can’t love yourself, how the hell are you gonna love somebody else?” Remember loving and taking care of yourself is not selfish, it’s healthy.

    Here are a few things you might try to help you fall in love with yourself.

    1. Take Yourself On A Date. Is there a movie you wanted to see? Go see it! A special restaurant you want to try? Make a reservation! Is there an art exhibit or concert you want to see? Grab those tickets!

    2. Give Yourself A Break. Take 20-30 minutes a day for yourself. Have a bubble bath, meditate, read a good book or binge on that Netflix series.

    3. Say Yes (Sometimes). Don’t wait for someone else to buy you that great bag, fragrance, bouquet of flowers or that bottle of Crambé Face Forward Rejuvenating Abyssinian Facial Oil ;). Treat yourself.

    4. Trust Yourself. Nobody knows you better than yourself. Work on really trusting your gut instincts. Remember, sometimes this won’t make sense to others.

    5. Take A Vacation By Yourself. Choose a location that might push you outside of your comfort zone. Travel helps build your instincts and self-trust. Plus it’s so wonderful to control your own itinerary. No need to make any compromises.

    6. Forgive Yourself. We all have and will continue to make mistakes; it’s all part of being human. The important thing is that we learn from our mistakes. So when they happen, forgive yourself and move on.

    7. Not Your Business. What others say or think about you is really none of your business. You cannot control others and especially what they think. Weed out the negativity in your life. Say no to things or people that do not bring you joy, positivity or align with your values. It’s ok to say no.

    Winter Skincare Guide

    Winter is a beautiful time of year however, it can cause havoc on your skin.  From blustery winds to dry central heating, it all takes its toll and can lead to dry, itchy unhealthy looking skin. Not to stress, there are some simple things you can do to ensure your skin continues to look and feel it's best.

    Switch up your diet. There is a direct link between your gut and your skin. Increase your intake of healthy fats such as avocados and oils (olive and nut oils). Also, try (this is gonna be hard) to limit your alcohol and caffeine intake since they cause dehydration. Remember to increase your water intake as well.

    Limit those oh-so-tempting long hot showers and baths. It's so easy to linger in a hot shower or bath when the weather outside is especially frigid. As wonderful as this might feel, it leaves your skin dry and can in fact, damage the actual skin surface. So practice restraint with shorter more moderately temperate showers and baths. Remember as well, to pat the skin dry with a towel and not rub aggressively.

    Invest in a cold air humidifier. Dry air equals dry skin. To help combat this, add a humidifier to your bedroom to help increase the moisture level in the air. Your skin will thank you!

    Protect your skin's moisture. Use a pure, all natural product that’s high in vitamins and omega fatty acids, to help naturally moisturize and protect your skin. Crambé Face Forward Rejuvenating Facial Oil fits the bill. A luxurious oil with anti-inflammatory properties and high levels of erucic, oleic and linoleic fatty acids, that deeply penetrate the skin to provide a protective lipid barrier. Say goodbye to dry, unhealthy skin this winter!


    You Asked, We Listened!

    My bottle of Crambé Face Forward Rejuvenating Facial Oil arrived but when I opened it, the oil looked cloudy. What happened?

    Not to worry. Since our oil is 100% pure, with no additives, it can turn opaque and eventually solidify when exposed to cold temperatures. Once it reaches room temperature, it will be back to its liquid state. It’s just a side effect of it being all-natural. The oil is not harmed in any way!

     In The News! 

    Crambé is listed in Best Health Magazine's 10 Biggest beauty trends for 2019!

    "Skincare addicts, you need this one in your life. Crambé Skincare is light as air, made in Canada and leaves your skin plumped, glowing and gorgeous!"

    -Alison McGill, Editor-In-Chief, Weddingbells Magazine