Put A Little Spring In Your Prep!


Put A Little Spring In Your Prep!

With Summer just around the corner, it’s finally that time of year to kick back, relax and be a tad more casual about things. Who isn’t ready for warm weather, longer days and perhaps a well-deserved holiday?  However, the one thing we don’t want to be is more casual with is our skincare routine.

Summer (as much as we love it) brings us some unique skincare challenges and what better way to combat these problems than with facial oil. Facial oils are an essential part of your skin care regimen year-round!

Here are five common Summer skincare problems that can be controlled by continued use of your Crambé Face Forward Rejuvenating Facial Oil.

#1 Warmer weather can be sticky and humid so your skin might produce more oil. Old thinking would have you tuck away your facial oil until next winter. Actually, no! Applying a face oil is the new smart strategy to reduce excess natural oil production. Because the skin feels hydrated with the facial oil, it won't compensate by over-producing natural oil. This helps balance the skin during temperature fluctuations and humidity.

#2 Summer has you spending more time outside, with more exposure to the sun. You, of course, will be using SPF. Help give your skin some added protection with a facial oil high in Omega-3 fatty acids (which work to repair the skin barrier) and antioxidants (that can help prevent and reverse free radical damage).

#3 With warm weather comes air conditioning. A full day spent in a dry air-conditioned office, offset by a hot humid outside environment can wreak havoc on your skin. Protect yourself against such extreme temperature fluctuations with a facial oil to balance your skin's hydration and keep it looking a feeling its best.

#4 Excess sun exposure can lead to dry and dehydrated skin. A light all-natural facial oil (rich in vitamins and minerals) will penetrate into the deeper levels of the dermis helping restore dry, tired looking skin.

#5 Choose a light, high quality all-natural Abyssinian face oil like our Crambé Face Forward Rejuvenating Facial Oil which is full of vitamins, minerals and omega fatty acids. Plus, it absorbs quickly into the skin and is grown right here in Canada!

Remember using a high-quality facial oil in warm weather is an easy and effective part of your summer skin care ritual. It will keep your skin looking refreshed, rehydrated, radiant – and is anything but greasy.